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Although I’m quite susceptible to motion sickness, I love to deep sea fish and I have also enjoyed a number of vacations aboard those gargantuan cruise ships. What’s not to like about taking a cruise – exciting ports-of-call, refreshing ocean breezes, exotic cocktails, a wide range of entertainment for all ages…and what about the food. The food! I have been known to over-do-it at a midnight buffet or two in my time. And I know I am not alone.

Over 24 million passengers sailed on commercial cruise lines in 2016, and almost half of those passengers were American. Oceanic and river cruises are popular throughout the world, and most Americans take trips that often venture into international waters where their own health insurance policies lose much of their expected protection. Frequently unrealized by travelers, traditional medical benefits are stunted as soon as a U.S. citizen crosses an international border.

Affordable Care Act compliant health plans fail to provide comprehensive benefits outside of the United States. Apart from limited emergency services, domestic medical coverage will not appropriately protect U.S. travelers once they board an international cruise ship. Supplemental medical insurance is a must.

Petersen International’s USAway International Major Medical Plan is the perfect solutio

n for anyone traveling on a cruise ship outside of U.S. waters. In addition to providing supplemental emergency coverage, the USAway Plan offers much of the major medical benefits that U.S. residents are accustomed to in their home country. But even more important to travelers are the generous medical evacuation and repatriation benefits that come standard in the Petersen coverage. Optional coverage is even available for those who may partake in an extreme sport or hazardous activity during their vacation.

And let’s be frank, usual cruise destinations are to locales with health services that most Americans, correctly or incorrectly, find inferior, making medical evacuation benefits a priority to any and all international travelers.

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